Prior to any works being undertaken it is essential to carry out a survey of the building to determine its form of construction, condition and construction history. Financial risk will be significantly reduced if a detailed survey is undertaken.

INSPECTION – visual surveys on the external façade from street levels will provide informative feedback on possible remedial requirements for the condition of facades, balconies and roof coverings, however this form of survey will not enable the surveyor to physically undertake close inspection to determine the extent of the defect, plus inaccessible areas cannot be viewed, and it is these inaccessible areas which may provide the higher percentage of works required.

ARIEL PLATFORM INSPECTION – once again this is a visual survey but this equipment enables the surveyor to get closer to possible defects and take photographs.

ROPED ACCESS SURVEYS –  this technique is mainly used for projects with difficult access and where a survey is inaccessible from a fixed scaffold or mobile platform. In this instance photographic surveys and inspection works can be arranged by a rope access, undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced Abseilers

REMOTE CONTROLLED DRONE – this technique incorporates a CCTV camera, which is attached to a powered remote controlled drone. This enables the surveyor to remain at street level whilst operating the drone to record a video from ground to roof levels.

In addition to the visual surveys detailed  there are also the following more technical methods:


  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Ultrasound Thermal Imaging
  • Metal Detector Survey using ‘Protovale Imp’


  • Professionally removing sections of building fabric to reveal underlying issue.


Please contact Arc Restoration if you require any assistance with condition surveys or reports, inclusive of budget planning